Skoči na vsebino

Angleščina in praktične poletne fraze

Poletje je čas sonca in sprostitve, in ne glede na to, ali potujete, ste v službi, preživljate dopust oziroma počitnice doma, vam bo poznavanje zanimivih poletnih angleških izrazov zagotovo prišlo prav.

Angleščina – praktične poletne fraze zajemajo različne teme, kot so uživanje na soncu in v ledenih dobrotah, sprostitev, pikniki, potovanja in še več. S pomočjo teh izrazov bo vaša angleščina v pogovoru zvenela še bolje. 

Lingula ta jezična šola - angleščina poletne fraze

Hit the beach /catch some rays

Let's pack our beach towels and sunscreen and hit the beach to catch some rays.

Hit the beach: To go to the beach and enjoy the sun, sand, and water.

Catch some rays: To spend time in the sun or get a suntan.

Cool off

After a long hike, we jumped into the refreshing lake to cool off.

Cool off: To lower your body temperature, often by swimming or enjoying a cold drink.

Lazy days of summer

The lazy days of summer are perfect for lounging in a hammock and enjoying a good book.

Lazy days of summer: Referring to a relaxed and unhurried period during the summer months.

Summer breeze

As I sat on the porch swing, I closed my eyes and felt the gentle summer breeze brush against my skin, bringing a sense of tranquility and relief from the heat.

Summer breeze: Referring to a gentle and refreshing wind during the summer season.


After spending a week at the tropical resort, I came back with a beautiful sun-kissed glow.

Sun-kissed: Having a warm and radiant complexion due to exposure to the sun.

Summer fling

I had a memorable summer fling while vacationing in Greece; we spent lazy days on the beach, exploring the islands together, and creating unforgettable memories.

Summer fling: A short-lived romantic or casual relationship that occurs during the summer.

Beach bum

My brother is a true beach bum. He spends every summer surfing, playing volleyball, and soaking up the sun.

Beach bum: Referring to someone who spends a lot of time at the beach and embraces a laid-back lifestyle.

Go for a dip in the pool/catch some waves

It's so hot outside! Why don’t we go for a dip in the pool or grab our boards and catch some waves to cool off.

Go for a dip in the pool: Expressing the intention to swim or take a quick swim in a pool.

Catch some waves: Indicating the intention to go surfing or bodyboarding.

It's scorching hot today!

With the temperature reaching 40 degrees, it's scorching hot today. Time to stay hydrated and seek shade.

It's scorching hot: Describing extremely high temperatures during the summer.

I'm going to catch some waves.

The waves are perfect for surfing today. I'm grabbing my board and heading out to catch some waves.

To catch some waves: Indicating the intention to go surfing or bodyboarding.

Time to fire up the grill and have a barbecue.

The backyard is the ideal spot for a summer barbecue. Let's fire up the grill and enjoy some delicious burgers and grilled vegetables.

To fire up the grill: Referring to the act of starting a barbecue and cooking food outdoors.


Pa še nekaj praktičnih vprašanj za na potovanje

  • Do you have any sunscreen?
  • What are the must-see attractions in this city?
  • Where is the nearest beach?
  • Could you recommend a good ice cream shop around here
  • Is there a guided tour available for this place?
  • Are there any outdoor music festivals happening this weekend
  • Could you please take a picture of us?
  • What's the best way to get around the city?
  • Do you have any recommendations for water activities?
  • Can you suggest a good spot to watch the sunset?
  • Is there a local food specialty I should try?
  • What time are the fireworks tonight?
  • Are there any hiking trails nearby?
  • Where can I rent a bicycle?


Angleščina z Lingulo

Čeprav so zgornji idiomi vezani na poletje, pa si vedno lahko vzamemo čas za  angleščino, saj je to odlična priložnost, da postanemo samozavesten govorec tudi v v tem jeziku. Angleščina z Lingulo je priložnost, da poleg novega besedišča spoznamo tudi zanimivosti o angleški kulturi.