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Slovenščina - Slovene for foreigners

Lingula, ta jezična šola | Tečaji slovenščine
Lingula, ta jezična šola | Priporočilo
Lingula, ta jezična šola | Zvezdice mnenja

While attending my Slovenian course I am not only discovering the language but also Slovenia. My teachers help me to feel more at home in this country. The classes are accompanied by descriptions of typical Slovenian habits and customs and communication training in various everyday situations. This is how Lingula makes the lives of foreigners easier in Slovenia.
— Wolfgang Zeike, Director, Debis AC leasing

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when you cannot understand what your co-workers are talking about? Would you like to talk to them – using at least some basic phrases?
  • Have you got communication problems in shops, at petrol stations, restaurants, banks…?
  • Do you intend to live in Slovenia and need an exam in Slovenian?

At Lingula we will teach you communication in various everyday situations through conversation.

Lingula, ta jezična šola | Priporočilo
Lingula, ta jezična šola | Zvezdice mnenja

»Training at Lingula is practical and on a high level. After the first lessons, I started recognizing words and sentences. Few lessons later, I could even have short conversations, because I was encouraged to speak Slovene from the first moment.«
— Erik Luts, član uprave, Nova Ljubljanska banka

If you already speak some Slovenian, the teacher will talk to you before the start of the course and suggest the most suitable programme. Call us on: 01 541 00 33 or write an e-mail to

Slovenian can be learnt in one-to-one, paired or group work classes. The course allows many chances to talk and revise.

S svetovanjem do primernega tečaja

Pokličite nas na 080 23 52 ali izpolnite obrazec. Med široko ponudbo naših tečajev vam bomo pomagali najti pravo rešitev za vas.

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